Grounded Goods is a monthly subscription box for climate-conscious living. All the products in our boxes are sourced from farmers and producers committed to regenerative farming, which helps to restore soils and ecosystems and slow down climate change.

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We curate

It takes time to find the most sustainable options. We do the research and hand-pick each product so you can focus on living your life. We're the only company that offers regeneratively produced goods conveniently all in one place.


we ship to  you

It’s like having a birthday once a month! Open your door to find new climate-beneficial products to enjoy and share with friends and family. Our boxes can be customized to accommodate omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan diets.


let's regenerate!

Your purchasing choices support the most ecologically responsible farming methods. 5% of our profits go to support farmers transitioning to regenerative growing practices.


Try Grounded Goods

  • get regeneratively farmed and produced goods delivered straight to your door, with the click of a button

  • high-quality, artisan-crafted food and snacks, coffee, tea, chocolate, body care products & household goods

  • food grown regeneratively, in carbon-rich soil, is more nutrient-dense and flavorful – an investment in your and your family’s health

  • convenient recurring subscription – no obligation: modify or cancel anytime

Give a climate-beneficial gift

Grounded Goods makes a perfect gift for your loved one. Not only do our boxes feature high-quality treats like rare craft teas, chocolates, and luxury bath products, they are also the most climate-beneficial choice out there.

For gifts, you can choose between a one-time gift box or a subscription – the gift that keeps on giving!