Grounded Goods isn't just another subscription box. Positive environmental and social impact isn't an afterthought for us – it's why we do what we do.

We’re a purpose-driven company, committed to making climate-conscious choices easier for consumers while funding regenerative farming with each of our sales.

Regenerative farming has the potential to slow down, or even reverse, global climate change by putting carbon back into degraded soils and restoring those soils to health in the process.

This is relevant to all of us because we're all connected to farming and farmland -- after all, we eat food every day! That means we each have a role to play in one of the most promising and delicious climate solutions out there.

By starting to meet more of your daily needs by sourcing from regenerative farmers and producers, you're shifting towards a life that's not only "less bad" but actually climate-beneficial.

Grounded Goods allows you to make that transition without time-consuming research. We've vetted and curated all the products in our boxes, and ensured that their raw ingredients were grown in a way that's restoring degraded soils and mitigating climate change.

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      April 2018: Self-Care, Planet Care

      April's box is a pampering-evening-in-a-box -- because the regenerators need care and rejuvenation just as the Earth does! "Self-Care Planet Care" comes with artisan-crafted climate-beneficial personal care items and regeneratively grown soothing herbal tea:

      • Lani's Lana Climate-BeneficialTM Felted Wool Soap
      • Summer Solace "Feel Better" Tallow Balm
      • Lavender Bath Salts with solar-harvested Pacific salts and biodynamically grown lavender essential oil
      • Organic India Tulsi tea

      March 2018: Chocolate Lover

      Regenerative Chocolate! These artisan chocolatiers source their cacao beans from cacao farmers applying regenerative agroforestry practices. The cycle is completed with compostable packaging (Alter Eco and Original Beans) and reforestation programs (Original Beans' "One Bar : One Tree" program).

      • Nova Chocolate Ecuador Single-Origin 80% Dark Chocolate bar
      • Nova Chocolate Dark Chocolate Ganache
      • Original Beans Papua Kerafat 68% bar
      • French Broad Chocolates Cacao Bisiesta Nicaragua 68% bar
      • Cacoco Drinking Chocolate
      • Alter Eco Mint Truffles

      February 2018: Sunday Brunch

      Our debut box was a brunch-in-a-box, featuring these awesome regenerative products:

      • Bongo Java Roasting Co. Honduras Blend Coffee (organic and fair-trade)
      • Kernza® perennial grain pancake mix
      • The Philosopher's Stoneground Creamy Alchemy Sprouted Almond Butter
      • Frog Hollow Farm Organic Peach Conserve

      Grounded Goods is brought to you by Project Grounded, a social enterprise connecting climate-conscious consumers to regenerative farming.



      Mari Stuart

      is an ecological designer, educator, and entrepreneur. Originally from Finland, Mari has lived in all four corners of the US and many other countries besides, but is now happy to be putting down roots in Asheville, North Carolina. She holds a PhD from Harvard University, and in her previous life taught Asian religions and environmental ethics at Reed College and the University of South Carolina. Mari brings this interdisciplinary background to the work she does with Project Grounded and Grounded Goods. She is passionate about meeting our material needs in a way that is not only not harmful, but actually restorative and beneficial to all life.

      Sam Gregory2 cropped.png

      Sam gregory

      is an ecological farmer and local food advocate. Based out of central Washington, Sam is the farm manager at Spoon Full Farm. Having studied Philosophy and Ecological Design, Sam finds that environmental engagement through robust and diverse positive experience is an effective way to not only bring more joy into one’s own life, but also to deal with environmental crisis in a practical way. Therefore, Sam is committed to bringing others along on the journey so they can empower themselves and regenerate the planet with their everyday choices.